Financial Services for Individuals

We offer the following services to help streamline your finances:

Tax Planning and Preparation
The tax code is too complicated. Your time is too valuable. We have proven experience and are ready to help you.

Audit Representation
Don’t try this one on your own!

Disability Insurance
If you can’t work, disability insurance may be the most important protection you can provide.

Life Insurance
How much do you need? What is the best way to provide the protection your family needs?

Financial Services
Find out how you may be better able to meet the financial goals you set, whether they be a vacation or a child’s college education.

Retirement Planning
What will your retirement look like? Are you going to depend only on Social Security

Long-term Care Planning
You can decide or the government can decide what will happen to you if you need supplementary care.

Estate Planning
Some have called the estate tax the optional tax. You can choose to pay it or not. It can be the largest tax you may ever owe.

We can help you determine your goals and create a financial strategy to help you meet those goals.

Mortgage Services
Choices regarding interest rates, terms, points and payments need to be considered. We have helped arrange the financing of many properties.